Susan Shore's book "Death, Our Last Illusion: A Scientific and Spiritual Probing of Consciousness through Death" is published by Common Ground Humanities. The book uses evidence from the sciences and medicine themselves, to establish consciousness beyond death and its nature. Susan presented a paper "Where do the Warrior and Postmodernist Go After Death?" to the inaugural Integral Europe Conference in Budapest 2014, and presented at Growth Edge Network's international Adult Development conference in Wellington 2015: "Soul Seasons: Does the Reincarnation Hypothesis Have Explanatory and Predictive Value for Adult Development? Work with her book continues; with people undergoing cancer treatment, or whose family are facing death or bereavement, including a nurse who lost five family members in the 2009 Melbourne bushfires. At Melbourne University Susan studied ancient and modern history, English and psychology. She also completed a Masters Preliminary in philosophy and graduate diplomas in education and librarianship.
 The author’s professional career ranged through positions as librarian, teacher, social worker and counsellor. She runs a small successful practice utilising Jungian and Transactional Analysis methods,and teaches basic integral theory. Susan has developed a kit to empower young Koorie women to respond assertively to racist treatment.